October 21st Meeting Minutes

Item 1: Deb Johnson called the regular monthly meeting of the Village of Linwood Board of Trustee’s to order at 7:02 pm. She also stated that the open meetings act is posted in the hall.
Item 2: Trustee’s answering to the roll call were: Deb Johnson, Amber Philips, and Susie Matchett. Mike Croghan and Josh Slonecker were absent.
Item 3: After the clerk read the minutes form the September 12th Budget, regular monthly meeting for September and the October 9, special meeting Susie Matchett made a motion to accept as read, Amber Philips seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed.
Item 4: Amber Philips made a motion to accept the treasure’s report dated October 17th, 2019, Susie Matchett Seconded the motion, all were in favor with none opposed. Motion passed.
Item 5: October 2019 Bills:
Kathy Eaton, Clerk Fees $230.87
Will Eaton Maintenance $561.02
Bluffs Gravel Gravel $2,548.98
delivery $1,120.00
Jim Overton mowing $109.67
Schuyler Coop Fuel $325.16
J&B Auto Parts Inc Hoses for Backhoe $98.20
Waste Connections garbage hall $30.00
Pekny and Assoc. Payroll tax preparation $50.00
Lee Enterprises Legal Publication $69.38
BPPD Electricity  $572.02

Item 6: The clerk distribuend a handout that she received from JEO in an e-mail about how the State determines the monthly monies that each entity receives from the state.
Item 7: Kevin Kruse from JEO came to the board meeting for the board is interested in getting a study done about the water drainage issue in the Village. Costs were discussed for it may cost up to $25,000. Kevin talked about a couple grants that can be gone after help with the cost. He is to send information and be at the November meeting. The clerk will have the nuisance ordinance which will be what the State of Nebraska has as laws, written up but would like to have amounts that would be charged if the Village has to do the work. The clerk had to fill out papers to get the direct deposit for the FEMA projects and return to the NEMA contact.
kathy eaton at 11/11/2019 5:35 PM
Item 8: Susie Matchett made a motion to send post cards out to Linwood residents concerning the burn pile. Amber Philips seconded the motion. All were in favor with none opposed. Motion passed. Will Eaton had called Kment Refrigeration for the furnace was not working in the hall. Gravel has been ordered for Maple street. Will is working on cleaning out of the inner ditches to get water flowing.
Item 9: November 21st, 2019 is the next meeting date.
Item 10: At 7:52 Susie Matchett made a motion to adjourn the meeting Amber Philips seconded the motion. All were in favor meeting adjourned.