April 16th meeting minutes

April 16th, 2020 Meeting Minutes
Of the Linwood Village Monthly Meeting

At 7:00 pm Chairperson Deb Johnson called to order the monthly meeting of the Linwood Board of Trustees. She also stated that the open meetings act is posted in the hall.
After the Clerk read the minutes from the March 19th, 2020 minutes Josh Slonecker made a motion to accept as read, Susie Matchett seconded the motion; all were in favor with none opposed.
Susie Matchett made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read, Josh Slonecker seconded the motion; all were in favor with none opposed.
April 2020 Bills:
Kathy Eaton Clerk Fees $230.87; Will Eaton maintenance $533.32; JEO looking at ditches $1,080.00; Pekny and Assoc. 1st quarter payroll returns $50.00; Susie Matchett Easter Supplies $50.00; Susie Matchett labor for Village $40.00; Deb Johnson labor for village $30.00; Kathy Eaton Certified letter mailing and recording of Ordinance $35.10; J&B Auto parts: parts and supplies $29.58; BPPD $535.02. Josh Slonecker made the motion to pay the bills, Amber Phillips seconded the motion; all were in favor with none opposed.
The clerk read out loud the letter from JEO pertaining to the mitigation plan.
The county cleaned out the ditch east of the village so much of the water drained from the 1st street ditch but the cattails and dirt that is in the south ditch of 1st street needs to be cleaned. The park is closed per the order from the Nebraska Gov. Ricketts. Post cards were handed out to residents and yellow tape was put around the play equipment because of the covid-19 virus.
The clerk informed the board that a certified letter was mailed to the LLC owner of the property at the corner of 3rd and Beech concerning the up keep of the property. It was delivered when tracked.
Truck traffic on Maple street was discussed. No action was taken at this time.
Will Eaton was going to put caution tape up at the intersection of 1st and Elm for the dirt is caving in around the culvert. The board was also informed that a hydraulic gasket needs to be replaced on the backhoe. Gravel is being ordered for the north and south running streets in town also some gravel will be put on 3th street in the 200 block.
The next meeting date has been set for May 21st, 2020 at the Village Hall. Will see at that time if the 10 limit people order from the Governor Ricketts is still in effect.
Susie Matchett made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm; Amber Phillips seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed meeting adjourned.