July 16th 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from the July 16th, 2020

Meeting of the Linwood Village Board of Trustees


Chairperson Deb Johnson called the monthly meeting to order at 7:00pm and also stated that the Open Meetings act is posted in the hall.  Those answering to the roll call was:  Deb Johnson, Amber Phillips, Mike Croghan and Josh Slonecker.  Susie Matchett was absent.  Mike Croghan made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Josh Slonecker seconded the motion.  All present members were in favor with none opposed.  Amber Phillips made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read.  Mike Croghan seconded the motion and then all were in favor of motion.  Josh Slonecker make a motion to pay the July 2020 bills that were received:  Kathy Eaton, clerk fees $230.87; Will Eaton, maintenance $637.22; Jim Overton, mowing $138.52; Schuyler Coop, fuel $53.39; Deb Johnson, 6 meeting salary $332.46; Agi Spray, pump for weed sprayer $126.38; Menards, concrete blocks for park $6.54; Waste Connections, dumpsters 2nd dump from town cleanup $656.54; USPS stamps $70.00; J&B Auto Parts Inc, batteries for maintainer $351,44; Deb Johnson, labor for village $30,00; Kathy Eaton, mileage to see village lawyer $32.00; Mid-West Sales and Service, 2 culverts $499.40; Deb Johnson, supplies $15.01; BPPD, electricity $536.52.  Mike Croghan seconded the motion to pay bills.  All were in favor with none opposed.  The Clerk presented to the board what she found out about the money that the state received for Housing grants that FEMA didn’t cover from the 2019 flood.  The board decided not to pursue any grant money for the minimum amount of projects was $250,000.00.  The board received one bid for the road and culvert work and it was from Schutt Construction of rural Schuyler.  The bid was total of $10,444.10.  It had two different size culvert options for Elm street the board decided to go with the larger culverts.  Josh Slonecker made the motion to go with Schutt’s, Mike Croghan seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed.  The clerk is to inform Schutt’s and ask about when they can start on the work.  Josh Slonecker made a motion to fix the ramp outside of the Village Hall and paint outside doors, Amber Phillips seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed.  Deb Johnson and the clerk informed the board what they found out from the lawyer.  The lawyer is to send letters   again to the board members of the non-profit which owns the old dance hall.  Then the board will go from there about the cleanup of the property.  Mike Croghan made a motion to send letters to the residents and ask what they thought about the if the Village has an opportunity to acquire the property and expand the park what the residents thoughts on this subject is.  Amber Phillips seconded the motion, all were in favor with none opposed.  Will Eaton said there is one part on the re-building of the motor on back order.  The tractor will be fixed and put back into service as soon as possible.  The cistern on the property near 4th and Beech is a private property and not one the town put in years ago.  So the land owner has to pay for it to be filled in.  Mike Croghan made a motion to table buying a new mosquito fogger.  Josh Slonecker seconded the motion all were in favor.  Will Eaton has been having problems with the old one and it will only run for about 10 minutes then quit.  Mike Croghan made a motion to purchase a metal sign from Bernt’s Welding, Inc of St. Paul Nebraska for $600.00.  Amber Phillips seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed.  A design for the sign needs to be developed.  The sign will be mounted by the company but the town has to get the posts.  One of the cistern on 2nd street was run over again.  Things were discussed about making them more visible but nothing has worked.  They are painted bright yellow, drivers need to be careful and try and not drive in the middle of the street.   Resident Frank Peltz said the trees on Elm Street need to be trimmed that are hanging over the road for the limbs catch the cab on his hay windrower.  The next meeting is set for August 20th, 2020 starting at 7pm at the village hall.  Amber Phillips made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 pm.  Josh Slonecker seconded the motion all were in favor meeting adjourned.